Specialty Dog Dishes

Specialty Dog Dishes

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Specialty Dog Dishes to Eat Slower

The Eat Slower® Dog Dish is a specialty dish for the “Fast Eating Dog”.  It was designed to help dogs learn to eat at a slower pace.  Over time you will see a marked change in eating speed and style.  Most dogs increase their eating time by 100-500% the first time they use this dish, then a gradual increase over the next few months (see testimonials). Dog care professionals recommend feeding 2 or 3 smaller meals rather than one large meal each day.  Jed gets 2 cups of dry dog food in the morning and 2 cups at supper time.  He’s a 90 pound Labrador Retriever who gets below average exercise.

The Eat Slower® Dog Dish 2 cup size will hold up to 2 cups of dry dog food, spread evenly over the seven eating surfaces with little or no stacking of the food.  A dog must use his/her tongue, lips and teeth to get the food when it is not stacked up. This increases eating time and changes eating style.  The 1 cup size does the same with up to 1 cup of dry dog food

Eat Slower® Dog Dishes are made in the USA and FDA approved for food and drink. They also have added UV protection.  For best longevity, we recommend they are stored out of the weather. 


For the 2-Cup size, get a 2 cup measuring cup, scoop it level full of dog food and pour into each feeding area until the floor is covered. It takes only several seconds to load the dish! For the 1-Cup size use a 1 cup measuring cup. If you feed less food, just put some in each of the 7 feeding areas.


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